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ARCHIVES (2009 - 2011)
(must we be clearer?)
:^) Friday, June 10, 2011 {Vol. 15, # 119} (^8  

Laughzilla's Last Link! (Now Up Front!)
Euroland Troubles
cartoon panel of the euro eu e. coli outbreak and the innocent cucumber 
scapegoat line drawing art ink on paper 2011 june 10 , from laughzilla for

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Funny One Liner:
"Due to a puzzling e. coli infestation, the EU agricultural commission is in hot water for being cool as a cucumber." ~ Yasha Harari

The Daily Dose Joke:
"Top 10 EU e. coli jokes"

10) The EU continues to plunge as European farmers find it hard to sell products with the label "Delicious, and may contain e. coli."

9) You can't wash e. coli off the skin of a vegetable, but you can remove it by peeling its skin, which apparently hurts less if you're in a deep coma.

8) It's not easy being an e. coli bacteria in Europe. You have to avoid being detected by all those random tests and food inspectors, and then there's the worst part, all that chaotic EU legislation.

7) Due to lost revenues following the unwarranted e. coli scare on their products, the EU recently agreed to pay Spanish farmers 120 Million Euros. That'll pay for a lot of siestas.

6) With a surplus of untold tons of unsellable vegetables, the EU health bureaucracy now recommends e. coli as a quick weight-loss diet supplement.

5) The European Union has decided that when NATO runs out of bombs to drop on Libya, they will start firing e. coli infested foods at the deepest bowels of Gaddafi's compound.

4) Following the French ban on saying the words "twitter" and "Facebook" on French television networks, they have now banned words like e. coli and all other viral contents.

3) It may be hard to keep your cucumber free of e. coli, but these days it's actually easier than keeping a punchline free of a dirty Weiner.

2) An e. coli bacteria walks into a bar, looks around at the happy germ-swapping crowd, and says "The next Roundworm is on me."

... and the #1 EU e. coli joke is:

1) Due to the June 2011 cucumber e. coli false alarm, Europe is in an unvinegared pickle.

Reference: Yasha Harari for

The Daily Dose Funny Video Clip!
le sweet lil' e. coli chanson

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"For nearly twenty years, the West has said Iran will have an atomic bomb within three years. By now they should already have an impressive nuke arsenal. Trouble is, they used Russian engineers to build their enrichment facilities, and Iran's nuclear scientists were trained in America." ~ Yasha Harari

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